10toGO: AI for the Sustainable Development Goals


  1. I am a bit confused about the scope of the task. In order to form the team, I presume my team needs a bit of a clue about the nature of the tasks and the skill sets required to succeed -- the description is quite open ended.
    Correct. Indeed the call is very open: it must be SDGs, it must be machine learning or "data science"; it must be sustainable; it must be a team. And, we require the team to have at least one "domain expert", who knows what to tackle and at least one "data expert" or coder who knows how to tackle it.
  2. You mention €100k and "up to €100k" as main prize. Which is right?
    Both. The winning team will receive their prize in (probably 3) review-based installments, to make sure that the money is spent on incubating the team, to work on their chosen SDG. The review will be supported by the same jury who also voted that team in place.
    Please note that the awardees cq. their legal entity are responsible for any tax subject to the relevant tax laws.
  3. Why does the winning team have to create a legal entity in Germany?
    This is the only way we can financially support the winning team.
  4. We already happen to have a legal entity in Germany. Would we still have to create one?
    We cannot rule this out at this moment, but are happy to engage in a discussion with you and our legal teams after Feb. 26.
  5. Must all team members be European?
    No! We have no restrictions on team structure -- except, of course, that the minimum requirement is one (SDG) domain expert, one technical (machine learning/data science) expert, and a third -- and welcome applicants from any continent.
    Having said that, however, we do require that the winning team start a legal entity in Germany, which implies certain restrictions not in our hands. Please check these before you join.
  6. Which of the SDGs can we register on?
    We explicitly do not restrict this.
  7. Is there an age limit?
    Yes. All contentants must be at the age of majority in Germany.
  8. Can we change our registration if we need to?
    Yes. Indeed, better register early, and update on the go. The deadline of registration, 15th of January 2021, 17:00 CET, is hard, but you can update your registration as often as you like until then.
  9. What kind of coaching can we expect during the 1-month thinkathon? What kind of support for the teams is planned for the event?
    Throughout our joint event month in February, we will support your ideas through our various experts and coaches. Apart from the weekly Q&A sessions, we will focus on the following topics: (a) SDG domains; (b) Envisioning & design thinking; (c) Cloud infrastructure, data and AI/ML; (d) Pitch improvement.
  10. Do we have to bring our own SDG-related challenges or will receive one during the kick-off?
    It’s great if you have already found a specific SDG-related challenge your team wants to work on; use the registration to give us details. But if you're not sure about how you can maximise impact, our SDG experts will also bring data and challenges to the table. You can work on their challenge, or use their suggestions to help you kickstart and improve your idea.
  11. Who is the jury?
    Not all jury members have been confirmed, but we are setting it up as follows: 2 people from Volkswagen Group; 2 from Microsoft; 3 to 6 from other organisations, including from UN organisations.
  12. How will the jury assess the teams? Will we see the jury assessment criteria before Feb. 24?
    To ensure fair assessment, we are creating a multi-dimensional assessment criteria catalog which will help us to assess all teams based on the same attributes and with comparable standards. We will detail the jury approach and their assessment criteria during the kickoff event on Feb 1.
  13. How much time do we have to allocate for this thinkathon in February?
    It’s up to each team how much effort they want to put into making the world a better place. We understand that you life will not stand still while participating in the 10toGO thinkaton; therefore there are no minimum requirements on the time you allocate to your 10toGO project in February.
  14. How much time is the winning team expected to allocate?
    We expect the winning team, or at least its core members, to be available full-time for 6 consecutive months during their incubation period. We truly hope that the team will then stay together and continue their operation after those months -- but that's up to you.
  15. How will the topics of intellectual property and data estate ownership handled in 10toGO?
    All rights concerning the entries shall remain with the participant(s). Participants agree to share their ideas with all other participants as well as the organisers and associates at 10toGO. The 10toGO organisers and associates do not accept any responsibility to protect participant’s ideas, works and results disclosed or generated during 10toGO. Participant acknowledges and agrees that 10toGO organisers and associates or other participants or third parties may have developed or commissioned ideas, works or results which are similar to the entry of participant’s team, or may develop something similar in the future Each participant waives any claims that participant may have against the 10toGO organisers and associates resulting from any similarities to the entry of participant’s team.