10toGO: AI for SDGs

meet the team

10toGO is brought to you by Volkswagen Group and Microsoft. It goes back to an idea that Maik and Patrick had early 2019. Patrick's team at Volkswagen (Patrick with Karolina, Guelce, Djalel plus many people behind the scenes) started shaping the rules and ideas. Maik's team at Microsoft (Michael, and many many people behind the scenes) challenge those ideas, and help make them work.

10toGO is supported by the World Food Programme through its Munich innovation centre, by providing additional support to outstanding teams. Then, incubation support will be provided by our partners from incubators in Munich: German Entrepreneurship and MUST Munich.

We are happy to be supported by many volunteers from key institutions. Victor was the first expert to join the team and advise us on data and SDGs, and use his extensive network within and outside of the UN to support us. Luciano and his team at Oxford University planted the idea by talking to Patrick about the SDGs. And then the many volunteering SDG experts, not listed here, who help before, during, and after the event.

In the below, all names are alphabetically listed.

Volkswagen team:

Microsoft team: